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Missed Home – Our Flight Back to Philippines from Utah

 No one feels good when at home, no place could ever replace a home. I realized this when I was away for five weeks. Telephone connected me from my family. We were fortunate to have ACS partners in Utah that are so hospitable and approachable and who understand our longing and yearning for a family, Mark gave us $100 worth of AT&T prepaid phone cards and I consumed only $44. 

Our last week in Utah made us really excited to go home, we were like counting how many sleeps are remaining. I begun packing my baggage since Wednesday and still packing till our last days. When I came to Utah I had two luggage and became four when I returned, I surmise you have the idea how it doubled right? 

Came Friday morning, I was excited that I hardly catch my sleep, I got to bed at 2 am and woke up at around 9:30, started fixing myself, making sure that everything I brought from home were in my luggage and made sure that all I bought for my family were all packed. And when I was done, realized that my hands were almost red due to the way I pushed things inside my bags, wheow, it was hard, but was satiated. 

Karen and Dina left their two big luggage bags and two traveling bags in my room, so after fixing myself I started bringing them all in the hotel’s lobby, getting ready to go and leave Residence Inn. Imagine I was alone going back and forth in my room to get all eight luggage bring to the lobby!! I was thinking to ask the two guys to help me, then I told myself, I can do this! And then I realized I should have asked them to do so, so Arnel will be able to get up early, he woke up late, he just woke up when I called him and told him that Paul was already there ready to bring us to the airport, and unfortunately, he told me he was just awoke! I didn’t believe him at first but then I thought he was telling the truth when he took longer time going out of his room. We should be at the airport at 10:30, we were 30 minutes late, we were supposed to meet Mark and Kevin at the airport (came from Ohio Cleveland with Karen and Dina) but we/re not able to meet them anymore as we were really that late. Paul also had a 12:00 afternoon flight to Buffalo. We were really chasing our time wishing everyone would not be late. Luckily we were able to still be there on time. 

Salt Lake City airport was not that crowded and we were lucky again that we had been processed that quick. And me – Dhina with an H, I used to say that there to have a distinction with Dina, I was afraid at first that my baggage might exceed, fortunately, I only had 84 lbs weight of my two check in bags.

Yes and we were inside Delta/Nortwest Airline again and have to wait for eleven hours flight before reaching Narita Airport in Tokyo Japan for our connecting flight to Manila. I was not able to sleep in this 11 hours flight due perhaps of the excitement I felt, but I really wanted to sleep. Just listened to the songs and even watched movie – Race With an Alien but was not able to finish it, I got impatient! Karen and I were really watching and gazing the small monitor in front of us, how long will we be there in Japan? The map seems and says we’re still that far. Kung ano ano ng pwesto ang ginawa naming, it was too tiring to have that long flight, kaya din siguro hindi kami nakatulog, we hardly found a good position to sleep with. Taas – paa, baluktot, ub-ob, lahat na. Abd finally after 11 hours we arrived in Narita Airport at around 3pm, by te way we left SLC aat 1:35 pm, Philippines is ahead of 14 hours with SLC.



Stopover first, Dina had this unwell feeling, she blew up , had been dizzy. While we were waiting to go out for our 7:25pm flight back to Manila, we ate first in one of the Japanese restaurants and ate Ramen – I wasn’t able to eat all, i don’t like ramen that much, and then prowled around Duty Free, hmm expensive items huh! There came our time to fly again for 3 hours and 45 minutes, and in this shorter flight I was able to sleep (after I bought my Tommy Hilfiger watch at NWA Duty Free for $69- seems this really had made me fall asleep jeje.) I still wanted to sleep, then Karen nudged me that we were about to land, we’re home at last and my family was there, waiting for me for one hour or so.

Had to get our luggage first- heavy were mine! And lined up in immigration for passport stamping – and one of the customs personnel asked me “Anong ginawa nyo sa US?” I answered – Business trip po, and he replied back “Business trip lahat ng gamit na yan”? Sabi ko – opo, tagal kasi naming dun eh, eepal pa eh!

And there Inay, Leo, Janet all of them, waiting for me to arrive. Finally – after five weeks, I am now here in my own land, in my own home – iba ang feeling pag nasa sariling bayan, pag kasama ang pamilya. I missed them a lot, five weeks for me is long,

Having been experienced this trip was really one of the biggest blessings I received from God, one of the things I considered a dream come true! I was always flying in my dreams – there were cases that I was like running and then later on, flying and I can say that this dream of flying did come true! And I a\am very thankful that I felt and experienced the real fly, not just with the Skycoaster in Lagoon but fly with a plane. Dati sabi ko kahit man lang makatuntong sa airport kasi I’ve never been there and God gave me so much, also I had this slob of paper inserted in my passport dated February 21, 2009 I wrote there “Sana matatakan ka na, hopefully this year” and God is really great to even hear that one. Kaya kaya guys out there write what you want, write what you feel, write what you wish and you’ll realize, one day those things that you have written ay nagkatotoo na.. It does work, totoo, I have tested that a hundred times!

Never lose your hope, strive harder, dream your dreams, aim high and thrive harder to reach your dreams and most of all, pray a lot, thank Him for all the things He gave you!

As for me, I had and have been blessed, my dreams did come true with His guidance and help and I am very thankful that He gave me all those and keep on hearing my prayers. Thanks our Creator!

Till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂