Professionalism – the sense?

We spend longer time at work than at home i believe, working for eight hours or more. And during this time, we’ve got to mingle with our colleagues of different attitudes. At first, when we are just newly hires employees, a bit bashful we are experiencing, later banishes as we get along with our officemates, and likewise, as the bashfulness banishes, we also realize and discover the true presonality of the people we are working with, the worse is if these personalities are negative.

I’ve been working for so many companies for long and i did not dind it hard to befriend people i worked with, but i also experienced people who i think are unethical and unprofessional. Common? Why and what must be the reason behind? Environment, family??…. i leave it as is… i am yet unsure, it’s all about the attitude…

 i just opine.

till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂