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Within Your Means..

In today’s economy, crisis is a common word. Many had lost their jobs and have difficulty applying for one. This has started last year on the latter part of 3rd quarter, companies had started cutting their overhead, including labor cost that resulted to lots of employees retrenched. For those who were laid off, it was really a hard time for them and i think could even remorse the company for doing it to them. But for people or employees like me who is very lucky to haven’t been laid off, we are very thankful, but still sympathized those who have been chosen to have their rest. Lucky are they should they readily find a new job, they will not feel the burden of loosing the previous one. And well as of me, albeit my previous company was having the retrenchment, I decided to leave to get compensated well.

During this difficult times, we must know how to live within our means. Think so many times of the things you really wanted to buy but not necessary. I myself admit that it is sometimes hard to resist those things that are your fetish, i have fetish for bags and shoes but i pride myself for having a nice resistance over it. I learned my lesson, i was not able to live within my means few years ago when i had two HSBC credit cards. Unfortunately, my compensation was not enough to cover all my expenses including the payment of my monthly bills. I was then having expenses with rebuilding our home, that was why i had a hard time paying my credit card. I ignored my bills for a year, until came March 2009, i received an information that i was being searched by a prosecutor, the HSBC had filed a case against me for not paying my bills and for not informing that i’ve transferred a company. Good thing it was over, i was able to raise the ample amount i need to settle everything with HSBC and finally clear my name. And from then on, I learned a very good lesson, living within your means.

I still see a lot of people in the malls everywhere, Mall of Asia to name one. Woo hooo, so many shoppers and mallers, everyday that i go for work and pass by the mall, i see those numbers of people and you can’t think that we are in the state of crisis. Mind my own business, pretty enough that they have a lot of penny to spend with, they are still living within their means.

I just opine..

Till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂