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The Legacy of President Cory Aquino

I was five years old when Mrs. Aquino had been elected as Philippine President, and by the power of millions of Filipinos, she was able to dethrone Ferdinand Marcos who at that time, a dictator leader. I was innocent and unaware of what was happening around me by then, adding to the fact that unfortunately, we had no television to watch everything with. Through the years during my elementary days i realized and learned everything about her and Ninoy, but not fully equipped. And honestly, it was only during this time, now that Cory left us, that i fully understand what happened yore.

I was in my disbelief on Saturday morning as i watched the ABS CBN early morning SALAMAT CORY, i thought it was still part of the vigil last night, but then Julius Babao told in the show that our former president passed away at exactly 3:18 am while the whole family was reciting the 5th mystery of Holy Rosary. The whole nation mourn for the death of the momentous person who brought back democracy to our country, a true Filipino, religious and a fighter, she was not only a mother of her children but a mother of the whole nation.

The whole nation look up to her, even the other nation, US to name one, she had influenced many great leaders, admired her of her courage and will to serve people. She was the first woman leader of the country. And even Hillary Clinton admired her of her great love of the country. In an interview done by ABS CBN, “I’m so sorry, I wrote her a note a few weeks ago when I heard that she was so sick. I admired her greatly. She was a woman of courage who loved her country. She and her family sacrificed so much to try to give the people of the Philippines a better future. And I think that she’s an inspiration not only to the Philippines but to people everywhere who believe in the right values and positive future.”

My tears fell down as I watched every news with Cory’s death, more so when Kris was in The Buzz, interviewed by Boy Abunda telling all about her mother, all those pain our former president had gone through. I finished watching LABAN ni CORY on Sunday evening and it was then that i fully understood all something about them. How Ninoy fought for the country and pursued by Cory when he died. A very rich and nice history to tell for yesteryears. The couple trully is worth to be called HEROES.

What will be our life now if not for the couple’s effort of bringing back democracy? How will Philippines look like without freedom? This is the best thing they’ve done for us, because they trully and sincerely cared for all of us, to lift the country from the dire.

Let us all treasure what Aquino couple had done for our country, let us not forget their momentous contribution, they were indeed the true and real picture of nation’s leader, not afraid to fight, not afraid to conquer leaders who are abusing their powers and later corrupt the country’s wealth.

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂