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Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Think that one cannot become extraordinary, then you’re wrong. Anyone of us can become an extraordinary and superb person, just think of what John Maxwell of Philippine Daily Inquirer has written in his column last July 25, 2009, which my friend Rey Salmorin had forwarded to me. He says, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Think of those brave people who chose to risk their lives just to save somebody’s life? Even a five year old kid can do it! I remember that there was this Filipino kid who had saved the lives of her siblings when their home got burned, she did not mind the heat and flame, what’s in her mind was to save them all, and she did it, a picture and a true example that an ordinary people can do extraordinary things. For what she did, for the brave thing she did, she was recognized and rewarded.

As per JM, to make a significant impact, we need to;

A little extra effort, “Doing your best is more than being the best.” If “good enough” is good enough, you’ll never be good enough.

My thought and realization: – He’s true with this, in every endeavor we have, we must give and do our best, trying to put in our mind that, it is as if the last we have in hand so must make the most out of it. “Come what may and good enough” are not the acceptable lines here, bear in mind that if we are doing great and performing far beyond others’ expectations albeit no monetary recognition, but the best self fulfillment is there and being achieved. It is whats important, you’re fulfilling yourself and get satiated everytime significant things are done and you excel!

A little extra time. “The most common trait that he found in all successful people is that they have conquered the temptation to give up” If that is true of people who achieve success, how much more important it is for people who desire significance. George Buffon said, “Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience.”

This is also true, as my favorite quotation says, “dream your dreams then do your best, never stop and never rest until those dreams are yours”, speaks of not giving up, no time and no word for surrender, there seems to always have a battle to fight with. This goes with a very good patience, and i can say that i am lucky enough to have this PATIENCE, and i know this is also a word that is in every individual. For all of us who dream of having success and significant things, we must not give up, we must not rest, we must always do our best effort, no matter how long our journeys have become, patience must be there! At the very end of that long journey, at the end of the line, there is the BIG BIG “CONGRATS” word awaits us, are we to waste this opportunity? Do we have to keep this word waiting for us and never take our steps? Futile effort if no action is being done, there is no room for wait, there will always be room for taking the journey.

A little extra help. There are two ways to disaster – taking everybody’s advice and taking nobody’s advice. Your quest for significance must come from within, you can’t find it by consensus. However, you can’t go it alone either. You need tha advice of experienced people who can help you.

My thought. I myself is really fond of seeking some help and advice from different people like my friends and Ms. Rita Capucao (she’s really an experienced person that you can asked advice for), of course they may give you different advices and you are left to decide and preponderate what’s best, you are responsible to decide for your own, they are just advice-giver not decision-maker. Collate the ideas from them, evaluate, analyze the situation and give your smart decision that will lead to excellent output, final product and a lucrative “FINANCIAL STATEMENT” in an accounting terminology.

A little extra realism: Max De Pree advises, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” Leaders must have vision for what could be, but they must also lookhard at what really is.

My thought/realization. A leader did not become such by just being a normal or ordinary person, she or he did something extraordinary for achieving it. And one of the extraordinary thing is setting up in his mind a vision – a real one that he knows how to achieve. But, i know a person who became a leader not because she wished for it, not because she dreamed of it, not because she envisioned it but because of fate. She is no other than our Former President Corazon Aquino who, among others, had been elected as president of the Philippines by fate, according to her, “I have no interest in politics” and that she will run as president as an opponent of Marcus if Ramos (i am not really sure if Ramos was the one she asked for signatures) will get a million campaign signature letting her to run as such, and then the signature completed, more than a million. She won also through the power of the people, from here the EDSA 1 was born. And she was the only speaker in US Congress who had a long standing ovation. Incredibly amazing, the vision that she must had was the FREEDOM OF ALL FILIPINOS, she was the icon of our democracy.

A little extra change: Most people don’t change because they see the light. They do it only when they feel the heat. But as a leader, if you are already feeling the heat, it’s too late to make a change. Leaders must be ready, willing and be able to change before anyone else. And the first change they must be ready to make is in themselves.

My thought, my realization. A leader or even a person doing an extraordinary thing must not stop there. He must always have a fresh idea in mind to do with, everything is subject to change as nothing is permanent. Delving into something quaint other than what is currently on hand is something very rewarding again.

A little extra thinking: Earl Nightingale said, ” You are and you become, what you think about.” If that’s true, then you need to spend more time thinking, because it will determine not only your effectiveness but also your destiny.

My thought, my realization. Definitely yes, what we think of ourselves, how we visualize ourselves in future helps us to be what we want to be, and yes this entails more time to think (and dream) so as to become perfect and fulfilled, because what we aim and dream for will lead to our grandiloquent destiny. We are the painter of our destiny, in our hands lie our fate, it is not written in God’s hand, we are the ones who make it, who paint it, so be good in painting! 🙂

A little extra planning: It’s true that planning is beneficial to everyone. But it’s essential for leaders. What they do impact everyone on their team. And what they model is emulated by their people. So how should you plan? Cardiologist Robert Eliot suggests the following: “It’s important to run not on the fast track, but on your track. Pretend you have only six months to live and make the three lists: The things you have to do. Then for the rest of your life, forget everything on the third list.”

My thought, my realization: As what i have mentioned above, if we are doing something think of it as if it is the last in our hand and make the most out of it. Be the best you can be! I can relate it also to one of my posts, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, think of your life as if it is your final and that you have only 10 minutes to live, so live life to the fullest, do something extraordinary, those that will be embarked and etched in the eyes of many, those that will be remembered forever, your legacy. In an accounting side, planning is very essential, it’s a prerequisite in a company, like in a cash flow, planning here is a very momentous key, you have to be keen in every details, making sure that every items indicated therein are being achieved as forecasted, forcing all the customers to pay so that cash inflows together with the cash outflows will gain a positive cash ending balance. Negative ending balance is a BIG NO NO here, this means that poor planning is installed.

We must do these ideas of John Maxwell with all our hearts and according to our will. I believe this will help us to be an extraordinary people that will help leverage our country if by then all of us are extraordinary. Bear in mind, nothing is impossible, so start doing the impossible possible! 🙂

I hope i had a nice thought and realization here, 🙂 hmmmmn, and i also hope that i can be an extraordinary person. 🙂

I just opine.

Till then..