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Momentum Breakers vs Momentum Makers..

Another interesting leadership topic was written by John Maxwell, dwelling into momentum which we often hear around offices…

I’ve just selected few out of ten momentum makers John Maxwell has enumerated, those that I feel worth thinking.

Momentum breaker – The past
Momentum maker – The future

An organization picks up steam when its leaders point to a better tomorrow. Momentum breaks down when leaders preoccupy themselves with the past. Or, as I’ve heard quoted, “Losers yearn for the past and get stuck in it. Winners learn from the past and let go of it.”Many people have powerful dreams. However, most don’t realize that the viability of their ideal tomorrow is based on what they do today. The difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you’re doing now. Practice today what you want to be tomorrow. If you do it well enough, someday you may arrive at your dream.

 I just opine;

It is very clear that focusing our past would not be beneficial for us and would not help us to move on. As what I’ve written in one of my posts, it is okay to reminisce, but not to concentrate at it. Others tend to go back and then the worse is blaming oneself for the flaws done, regret is there – why I did it, why I was not able to do it so forth and so on. I can consider myself as one of those persons who is fond of turning back, thinking why I did not make it to the honor roll during my high school graduation. Regret was there, I still do not know the reason why I failed myself, why I was not able to make my parents go up at the stage to pin my ribbon and don me my medal. I started to fail them during the second quarter of my third year high school days, which lasted until fourth year. As a change, I enjoyed participating and involving myself in extra-curricular activities, becoming the officer of various clubs, and actively competed in public speaking contest. These things helped me attain my self confidence that covered up my failure. And this failure did not prevent me from dreaming high, this instead has helped me achieve my goal; proved to everyone that you do not need to become an honor student to achieve your dreams.

JM is true with saying “The viability of the ideal tomorrow is based on what we do today.”  I make my high school days as inspiration, I make sure that during my college days, my name will be included in dean’s list, and I made it! Though financially unstable, I was able to have my college diploma with the help of my beloved alma mater – Canossa College. Getting my diploma helped me land good jobs, and I don’t want to stop to just having a college diploma and great accounting jobs, I still have a powerful dreams that I want to fulfill, and just like what JM says, I will do it well so that I can arrive at my powerful dreams!

Momentum breaker – Apathy
Momentum maker – Passion

Passion energizes your talent and rubs off on those around you. If you have courage, then you will influence people based on your passionate convictions. If you lack courage, then you will only influence people to the extent of your comfort zone.

I just opine;

It is very important to have the passion in you in every endeavor you have. It means that you will be performing well and that there will always be a zest in everything you do. Apathy, lack of concern or interest would not help you to perform well. Punctuality and attendance are the most visual that show if you have zest in your work and if you are interested in what you are doing. Punctuality is one of the very important traits a professional person should have, this means that whatever designation you are, may it be rank and file or management level, you should observe punctuality. Though you are not paid your overtime and that you have a flexible time, be responsible, be on time always, or if you come in late, make sure you also go home late, or complete the eight hours work. It is not nice to see that all your colleagues are coming in on time and even do extend their working hours but one of the teammates always comes in late and goes home early. Is that fair?

I am not talking about leaders alone, this speaks to everyone. We should always be responsible. Act like a professional, learn each day as you live and work.

I just opine…