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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – John Maxwell

It is a good thing that i found an idea to write on, and this is because of John Maxwell. He writes something that really is my interest. And the way i got into his write ups is because one of my friends sent them to me through email, Reynaldo Salmorin, coz he knows that i really love those topics. And i came to this way of writing and expressing my own thoughts and realization. 

Facts about fear

1) Every generation experiences fear.

2) Every individual has fears.

3) Fear is destructive.


In the past 100 years alone, Americans have felt the fears of World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the prospects of nuclear war with the Soviet empire, international terrorism and the present financial recession.

Our fears change with the time in which we live, but every generation has fears.

I just opine


Of course everybody fears anything, it be a spider or just anything. Whining back yesteryears, yeap our great grandfathers feared fighting but their fears did not stop them to fight, it would be perhaps, their courage is heavier than their fears and were able to conquer the opponents. In our present economy, we have no war as vast as World War II, but we have guerillas, bandido, anti-government people who keep on making rally and noise against the government, kidnapping other people and even foreigners asking for ransom money, and another reason is asking government the freedom or separation of an island har, vague.. L  Aside from this, one of the things we fear is the current financial/ecomic crisis we are experiencing globally. Recession is quiet affecting the whole world, employment rate is decreasing, fuel, rice and other commodities price have increased giving all the people the worriest and unthinkable ways to surpass them.


Destructive effects of fear

1) Fear breeds more fear.
By avoiding what we’re afraid of, our fear breeds lack of experience. In turn, inexperience breeds ignorance, which results in even more fear. It’s a vicious, downward cycle.

2) Inaction.
Fear paralyzes and immobilizes us. In the words of John F. Kennedy, “There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”

3) Divided thinking.
Fear removes focus from a person’s life. Like worry, fear divides the mind and prevents concentrated thinking.

4) Isolation.
We withdraw from others in an effort not to have our fears exposed. As Michael Pritchard said, “Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.”

5) Procrastination.
We delay what we’re scared to do. In my opinion, the only person worse than a quitter is the person afraid to begin.

6) Misused energy.
Fear is the energy to do your worst in a new situation. I compare fear to gunning the engine when your car is in neutral. You’re making lots of noise, but there’s no accomplishment.

I just opine


If we will let fear invade us, and do nothing with it, futile.  Fear is in fact an advantage to us, because if we conquer it, it is a great experience to live with. We will be gaining experience that we could use forever. If we will just let fear coming through us, and do nothing, fear will keep on coming in until we get through it. Fear tests our ability to concentrate and focus on things, if fear is all over within us, for sure, focus and concentration is far to achieve. In this case, procrastination is very much possible. We tend to delve into something to conquer fear, but it is better if we focus both into shunning fear and at the same time, focusing on something worthy while trying to aver it.


We just need to be courageous, brave and ready all the time. Blunders are likewise ready to attack us, might as well be ready enough to contradict ‘em. Fear on the other hand makes us more mature and well-experienced. So do not be afraid of fear.


I just opine..

Till then…