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Discovering Corregidor

August 22, 2009, our team decided to bring Kevin to one of Philippines historical places Corregidor. It was also our first time to tour then, that’s why instead of going home at Thursday night, I decided not and reported for work on Friday, (Friday August 21 was holiday, to commemorate Ninoy’s death). I wanted to join the group and bring to Kevin’s awareness how his great countrymen fought for Philippines freedom against Spaniards and Japanese captivity.  




I arrived in Mc Donald at 7am, there were Arnel and his girlfriend Glaiza waiting inside and had their breakfast. We then waited for the others, came Dina, Kathleen and then Bec, Leo and Joseph fetched Kevin in Sofitel and went right away to ferry terminal. The couple headed before us. We just had a little problem as Yza had been caught in a traffic and according to her, the taxi driver passed the wrong way (hmm if only I knew, that is their strategy to have expensive meter than normal). We should be inside the ferry at eight am, the personnel had already called the tourist twice, yza weren’t there yet. Luckily before the ferry left, she arrived, ten minutes before the travelling time. We departed from Manila at 8:15 (har 15 minutes late!), we sailed and left Manila raining.  


 While sailing, there were various songs played inside the ferry and a video reminiscing and narrating the Fall of Bataan, how our great grandfathers and many American soldiers shed their lives for country’s freedom, as well as the famous life of Douglas Arthur Mc Arthur “I shall return”


And i’d realized that there are really lots of garbage in Manila Bay, as we sailed, lots of plastic wrappers were floating around. Good thing that far apart, I was astonished seeing for the first time the famous Super Ferry, even jokingly said to my colleagues “sakay na”, as said by Sharon Cuneta to promote the said ferry.

And loved the way how the sky looked in the midst of our travel, dark sky of Manila was gone and the bright clear sun was peeping.

And finally, we saw an island, telling that we are almost there, we’re getting nearer.


And finally, we saw from a distance those buses waiting for all of us to dock and ride in and then tour around the tadpole like island. We had one hour and forty five minutes travel, landed in Corregidor at 9:45 in the morning.


Corregidor is an island at the entrance of Manila Bay in the Philippines. Because of its strategic location in the bay, it served as a focal point for the naval defenses of the capital city, Manila. The island is about 48 kilometers west of Manila and is part of the municipality of Cavite City. It is shaped as I said before like a tadpole, with its tail running eastward, and has a land area of 9 square kilometers. Along with Caballo island (which lies 2 kms. South of the tail’s tip), it partially blocks the entrance to Manila Bay, and thus has strategic importance. Additionally, it creates a northern and southern entrance to the bay.

Those pictures are the first part discovering the Corregidor Island, with Kevin Matthews, Yza, Dina, Arnel, Glaiza, Leo, Joseph, Kath and Bec – the ACS BPS Utah team.

 I just opine..

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