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It’s A Girl Thing “CloThiNg”

Being a girl is not an easy thing. There are lots of things a girl needs in order to look good, feel good and do good. Feeling and doing good is associated with how the girl looks, and one important thing here on how a girl can look, feel and do good is how she dresses. A creative and delicate way of choosing the right one to don will surely help achieving one’s fulfillment and comfy feeling. Never forget that you shouldn’t only look good but also feel comfortable and confident with the way how you dress.

One of the hardest tasks of we girls have is looking for a perfect, right and comfortable clothing to wear. Price of a piece has nothing to do, so long as it passes our taste and we are feeling very confident. But like so many ladies, it took us a lot of time before we could finally choose among many choices and decide which is the best, we are fond of looking in each and every girl’s boutique; scrutinize each item until our feet get tired that say, it is over, you have to choose!

I am not a type of girl who spends a lot of time looking for perfect clothes to wear, I am tired doing so, I am having a headache when prowling around, window shop and then choose the best. When I see one, fit it and I feel confident, I grab it. Aside from quick shop, I also prefer tailoring my own clothes, it’s fun and I love it, because I know it is perfectly of my size, I can also ask the tailor what design I like, improve it to look great!

In today’s generation, modern technology helps us reach out the best choices of clothes to wear, even the designers and tailorer. In just a click in a PC will help, a matter of your creativity and imagination will help. Not only for grown ups like me, but also for little ones. Everything that is made of her own size is nice to see. I remember when I was in my grade school years, my mother used to bring me to the tailor shop, measure my body; shoulder, waist, and length to fit my uniform and the product, perfect because it is measured right my size. I believe not only uniform is best to have your personal touch, it is also perfect that your undearneath, winter gears, jackets, snow boots, skiwear, anything that you think would look good if it fits your size. Speaking of comfort, isn’t it’s nice to sleep with pajamas & nightgowns where you know it’s really yours coz you decide with it? and always wanting to use a robe that has your personal touch? These are only few among other clothing lines that i believe would be best to wear exactly how you wanted. 

I just opine what I know will help, and you decide. 


Have ’em now! It’s perfectly shoppy wiki… 🙂

Till then..