What’s Up with the Politicians??

Few months left for 2010, lots of political campaigns are existing, TV advertising is the most common. First invaded by Manny Villar, i think he doesn’t stop advertising on TV, he has incessant political advertisements, palpable, this is one of his strategies to be famous. Followed by Mar Roxas, and then by the one from TESDA, sorry, you are not that famous to be remembered, i forgot your name, and then the newest, Bayani Fernando who does sing-along advertisement. I forgot Loren Legarda and Noli de Castro. Others used to say that they advertise for the government not for the presidency’scampaign.

Let’s turn around. I received an email from a friend of mine forwarding a shameful act of one of the President’s hopefuls, Jamby Madrigal. This was during the funeral service of Former President Cory Aquino. A permission was given by the author to repost her post. Here it is, according to the post, during the funeral of the mentioned former President, there were bracelets given to the bystanders, for free, and when they held it, a name Jamby Madrigal had in it as tag. Pity this deed, one of the shameful things anyone can do, pretty palpable that she wants to grab the chance of early politicking, as if she can get everyone’s sympathy. But this is to no avail, as what they say, double the numbers of those bystanders during Cory’s funeral, those are the numbers who she’ll lose votes of, perhaps more than that! It’s really really worth a thumb’s down!

Ibang side again. I salute Mar Roxas for giving way to Noynoy Aquino to run as President in lieu of him. Another deed worth our pride. Let’s wait if their tandem will win. Have to gratify also Kiko Pangilinan as he has also given way to the two. Keep up the good work, we Filipinos are hoping that young politicians really will rule and make momentous changes to the Philippines.

Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino! Magtulungan tayo!

I just opine…

till then..