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Pinoy Drivers

It was this rainy Tuesday morning, a multicab driver together with his wife as the conductor has this unlikely attitude towards his passengers. Not all drivers are like him, there are those “makapal ang mukha” and “masama ang ugali” who can only do this. Despite the fact that they earn a living from us, the passengers. I am talking specifically of my experience this morning with an orange multicab driver, tour bound to SM Mall of Asia here in Pasay City. I seated right after the driver so i heard all his pagmumura, he kept on murmuring  “$%_**&pu__tutot!!, ginawa nyong kariton tong sasakyan ko ah, hindi pa kayo aamin, pag nakilala ko kayo, hindi ko kayo titigilan”, I think, he had three times badmouth, the reason why the driver said this was because there was a passenger who paid him 3pesos, instead of 7pesos. And nobody claimed who paid it, perhaps she/he miscounted the 1peso as 5, so she/he gave 3pesos. Prior to the driver’s pagmumura his wife was also asking, “sinong nagbayad ng 3pesos?”,  in a high tone voice.

It is not bad to get mad, but in a right way, to think those drivers should gratify their passengers coz if not with them, they will have minute amount of money for living. Please also, be considerate enough and be conscious of uttering words, before speaking something with someone.

I won’t say this only happens in the Philippines, I believe there are drivers worse than ours, and have to still believe that this man is only a percent of those kind drivers, worth our salute!

I just opine..

till then…