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It’s Wedding Season

Bells’ ringing, flowers’ showering, white gowns’ sparkling, smiles’ spreading – connote of something very important and momentous event, WEDDING!. One of my officemates and schoolmates are to get wed this September, additionally, pictures of numerous couples are posted in front of our church Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of the World Parish, indicating that it really is WEDDING SEASON. Busy people, hardly find time to recuperate until the event has happened (why not try Buddy Gancenia service?).

There are lots of activities enlisted in the bride and groom to be, shopping give-away or souvenirs and designing them so they have their personal touch, looking for the best wedding rings, the caterer and foods, invitations, and not to forget the wedding video. For me the last video is one of the most important and should be given ample value and consideration, because these will be seen forever, can be displayed and treasured. But in order to have a very satisfying result, couple should have considered the best wedding videographer, Hunt them they are just everywhere.

One of the best videographers I know is Buddy Gancenie offers video service in a reality video style, no wonder why many couples chose him to capture the very momentous event in their lives, best choice!.Hope I may be a bride someday as well and able to have the service of Buddy Gancenia!. Can’t wait.. He is one of the persons who has the ability of a very good wedding videography.

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia


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