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The Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009 will happen sometime in October. Internet enthusiasts as well as bloggers are encouraged to nominate the best digital web and to Join the DigitalFilipino Club :-). They will have to choose from various categories, in which should meet the judging criteria. This will be my first time to participate in this online activity, and I will still have to learn important aspects before I choose my “BEST 3.” 

Honestly, I am not fond of visiting other websites or blogs, selected only. Perhaps I was too selfish that I didn’t want to add visits to their page (jejejeje, sorry, I am me, I just wanted to visit mine and see if it looks fine), but now, it has changed, I realized that in order for my blog to be recognized also by others, I have to navigate my co-bloggers page. I started to visit some of ‘em and looked ways how to improve my own, got ideas on how to write friendly, professionally to get more interested viewers. 

Going back to Digital Filipino Web recognition, this award aims to advocate the use of internet and E-commerce for business development through the identification, promotion and highlighting of best e-Commerce practices from various websites in the Philippines. Various catefories will be judged based on their ability and creativity in terms of internet and web design with the help also of e-Commerce. Bloggers are encouraged to nominate sites in the Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009. There will be no fees to be asked from those who nominate and winners, likewise, the lucky internet enthusiast and web designer winners will be recognized at the Digital Filipino e-Commerce Summit event, (hmmm, i would love that, hope someday i will have the opportunity to be nomitated too!!)

My 3 nominations would be the following;

1. Flair Candy – the reason why i nominate this is because aside from meeting the criteria as enumerated in the Digital Filipino Web Awards, i am amazed by the writing skills of the young lady behind this blog – Hanna Rikkah Villasis. I find her photos very appealing and i also admire her being a CPA, because like her, i am also an Accountant though not licensed. ( I took up BSC Management Accounting 🙂  )

2. Yugatech – I nominate this site because of the popular search engine it has and numerous helpful articles to read on.

3. And lastly STRANGE FRUIT by Chico Garcia his blog is very interesting, i love the way he writes, i am regaled while reading his posts, i should have put him in No. 1, aside from being a DJ (and i haven’t heard him over the radio though), an excellent blogger and a good photographer, i love his photos!. 🙂

So those are my nominations. Added to that, i will also nominate my own site jejeje 🙂 🙂 why? because my blog is very deep, serious and you can feel the sincerity within, you can feel my emotion as i write 🙂

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Till then, 🙂