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NSE Philippines, NS Enterprise, NuSkin?

Have you ever received a call from somebody saying that it is a part time job, and actually a project expansion here in the Philippines? They will tell you beforehand “hindi ako magtatagal” seems always in a hurry and tell you to attend a training instead to better understand what they’re talking about. You will have to choose where do you prefer, in Octagon Building in Ortigas or in 26F Trafalgar Plaza Building Makati Avenue cor HV dela Costa St. Salcedo Village Makati City, at 6:30pm.

I received a call from them twice, one was because of my brother who already attended a training in Octagon Ortigas, but he told me he did not understand how it works and according to them daw,  if you are interested, an amount worth P12,000 have to be invested, this is to buy products from them. That’s why, i was not that interested to attend their invitation. Yes, i am looking for a part time job, but if a part time entails money, i don’ think it’s worth it! The ladies who called me did not elaborate what the part time job really is, they kept on telling, it is a project based and there is an expansion in the Philippines. I asked what company they’re in, the firstlady who  called told me they are from NS Enterprise Philippines and the second one is from NSE Philippines. I searched the net these names and i was directed to a blogpost discussing the story behind NSE and NS Enterprise, how they operate and that it is a pyramid activity. Thanks for that post, i was about to attend a training on my second invitation but then i read that post and prevented me from doing so.

Till then…