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Typhoon Ondoy – the aftermath..

The country had been struck by typhoon “Ondoy” and what was greatly affected was the Manila area particularly Marikina (Provident Village), Pasig, Quezon City etc. and many provinces like Rizal, Pampanga, Bulacan Infanta Quezon. The typhoon caused heavy flood that measured the height of a man, mudflow and landslides. We were so fortunate, we in Tiaong Quezon, that we were not affected, it was just raining hardly, no much wind blowing. We had electricity so we can watch the news all day and night, and saw how painful, how grave the pandemonium was. I pitied my fellow Filipinos affected by this typhoon, they were staying over their roof, no foods and drinks. Cars had been drenched. Many had lost their lives, even some soldiers and volunteers shed their lives for saving people, another “HERO” act. I saw how our countrymen call for nation’s help in this natural disaster. Early of Sunday morning Kris together with Father Tito Caluag and Tina Monson-Palma led the call asking for pledges and donations through ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya, and it was a great help for our countrymen who are in dire need. Some ABS CBN artists participated also to this activity by answering the phones.



My funny moment – you may want to laugh at my experience, i was surfing the net in our wooden-made kusina, that was around 1:30 pm of Saturday, the rain was so hard, and i saw that the big part of the mango tree in frontyard is falling as in i heard it falling, i felt it was just over the roof of our kitchen, para akong sira, hindi ako tumakbo or umalis from kusina because of sanga falling, natakot ako na mawala ang signal kaya hindi ako umalis sa pwesto ko, this seemed, hindi ako natakot na mabagsakan at madaganan, natakot akong mawalan ng signal at hindi makapag internet, i was just holding my netbook but not attempted to run out. Funny 🙂

I hope that we all recover from this disaster, that we make ourselves ready and prepared in case something like this happens again. And that more importantly, we should learn from this, we also had fault, garbage are being thrown everywhere, sometimes we forget our mother nature, we are just thinking of ourselves, the best we could have not minding the nature. And i believe the effect of ONDOY was just one of the nature’s grievances.

I just opine…

Till then…