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Corporate Bulletin Board – watta art!!

Do you have an idea how to make a corporate bulletin board? Well, if you find it hard making one, i’ll help you, it’s just easy, a matter of creativity and teamwork is all you need.

We at ACS had this activity of bulletin-making contest, this was triggered because we transferred from 7th Floor to 8th Floor and as a welcome part to our new suite, each team were asked to create bulletin board, has to be creative as possible. At first, we hardly found anything to make, no concept had been formulated yet, until finally, ideas of every person in our team – the CSG Accounting Support (formerly known as Utah Team 🙂 ), started with a plane and then ideas went on and flowing. And we had the fruit, see pictures below. Not only our team had this creative mind and brought out the kiddy traits on us, the rest of the team had shared and showed their abilities to make impressive, awesome and artistic bulletin boards. See the rest of the boards below, perhaps this will help you make one for your team too!

CSG Accounting Support Bulletin Board

General Accounting and Dallas Billing Team

Financial Reporting, Timekeeping, Payroll and GSG Billing Team

Columbia and Norcross Team

That’s all, actually there are five other boards that were not captured here. These boards were judged according to the criteria that only the judges knew how to pick winners, they were not announced during the ribbon cutting which happened this 30th of September, to be fair to everybody, and prizes were not given to the winners, the management decided to give or to donate the money to the victims of typhoon Ondoy, not bad, charity prevails and we all agreed to their decision, that in our own little ways, we somehow help those who are in dire need.

Going back to the boards, as you may see, one person is always present in the photos, and not to wonder, that’s the author, that’s me! I have to be there.. 🙂

Wanna know what were the materials we used?

– scrap designers (looks like mat)

– downloaded pictures from clip to be patched in the mountain

– styro foam

– paint and paint brush

– stickers

– etc… 🙂

There are lots of available materials to choose from, just work with your creative mind and you’ll have an amazing result.

Till then,