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When You’re Being Underestimated

Some people cannot avert underestimating others, and on the part of those who are being disdained, it really is painful. The scornful person will not really express that he is undersestimating someone, but the involved person feels it.

No one has the right to belittle one’s capability, this is fairly wrong. One of the traits some Filipinos have is the discremination, and this is commonly palpable in employment. Notice that our resume has picture, it is one of the pre-requisites to scrutinize an applicant, is this fair? Other countries do not require this, it’s nice! And the worst is, an applicant is judged by the course he had taken up. The Management graduate can perform an cccounting job and other tasks, the Management Accounting can likewise do the same, even an Engineer or a ComScie. All process in the world can be learned, even the non-graduates, give a chance though.

For those who feel they are being underestimated, it’s time for you to aver that you are worth that role, that you have the capability to perform functions beyond your course. To the scornful individuals, watch your eyes and shun judging others’ capabilities, you really do not know what they are capable of doing… grrrrrrrrrrrr…. 😛

I feel underestimated! 🙁