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Preparation Made for Typhoon “PEPENG”

Due to the phobia brought and left by typhoon Ondoy last September 26, 2009 that caused death of roughly 200 plus Filipinos and devastated assets or properties, leaving families with no home and no food, no clothing but just what they donned during that day, people now prepare and readied themselves to the coming of according to the news a super typhoon PEPENG. Like me, all of us don’t want to happen again what happened last week, and imagine, our countrymen haven’t recovered yet with the devastation last week and yet, there is this another one coming?

Due as I said to the experience with Ondoy, preparation made are like;

– We at ACS if worse comes to worst, we reserved a hotel to stay with, just in case PEPENG will be that perilous, it is in Ermita, Lotus Hotel, i am undecided yet if i should stay there or not, my house is just five minutes away from the office, Ermita is farther, i prefer to stay in my house, initially, i have no idea yet what’s next. But I am prepared, I bring with me extra clothing – just in case typhoon won’t permit us to go home, yay! sad and wet weekend! 🙁

– Enlisted here are what i’ve personally seen. And one amazing preparation is the “PANIC BUYING”, my office is located just beside the SM Hypermarket, and when i went there a while ago to buy something to bring home (this is just in case i can go home 🙂 ), there were lots of people in the store, long lines waiting for their turn to pay, and people are everywhere, crowded. What amazed me most, when i went to the noodles’ section, wheow, almost gone – few was left, then i went to canned goods, same thing and lastly at the bread section, wow, almost gone too! Just indicates that people are preparing much for the typhoon, they don’t want to starve in the middle of the day.




And this is it, when I entered the hypermarket, first person I saw was Imelda Marcos, around her were her bodyguards and assistant, and of course the bystanders taking her pictures. I am not adoring or admiring her, but i only see her in television, so i decided to join others taking her picture. Unfortunately, i was just using my Motorola Phone, not a good resolution, but anyway, it helps during this kind of unexpected thing. My shot is kinda blurred, but it’s okay, i witnessed and saw her face to face though! Is she buying goods in preparation for the typhoon too? Nope, she was in the delicacies section and she allowed people to flank her in picture taking, too nice of her! ^-^…

Anyway, we all hope that this so called super typhoon PEPENG will change his mind and tell himself, “I’d rather not go to the Philippines – I pity them, and I hate what Ondoy did to her people” oh well hopefully he has that intellectual to think of our situation. But prayers will do help a lot, let’s trust Him and have faith in Him, that He will embrace all of us for the damage and devastation this might cause, hopefully none..

In prayers,