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As I walked my way from office down to the terminal, I heard from the the lady behind me a comment about the forecasts proclaimed by PAG-ASA, she was with a man, and she discussed this to him, she said “Ang T—A talaga ng PAG-ASA, sasabihing malakas daw ang ulan sa Manila, e eto’t sobrang araw nga, mali mali sila mag forecast, ilalagay pa ang Manila sa State of Calamity” – in an irate voice. This inspired me to write this post, because I remember, I read a comment from the news posted in ABS-CBN, a Filipino commented on the news posted by ABS-CBN, a news which was really lifted from PAG-ASA, napagtagni-tagni ko ang mga negative traits ng ilan sa ating mga kapwa Pinoy.


Putting yourself in their shoes, I mean those of the persons behind PAG-ASA, those who scrutinize them and making negative comments, like the persons I’ve mentioned above, if they were to perform the duties of PAG-ASA personnel, what would their weather forecast be? Are they going to be that accurate? Our country is doing their best in order to relay and convey to nation the necessary and momentous weather news, to make us prepared and safe. Yes, sometimes, it is not that accurate, but still, they give us those warnings that we can surely use!, given the fact that we still belong to a third world country and has no hi-tech machines or  equipment to accurately achieve exact weather reports. But they help us a lot right? They still warn us, and we should all be thankful that no one was harmed, except of course, some part of the country. I hope that before we throw and utter negative comments to the people who work for us, think first a thousand times, think of the benefit they give us.

Those heartless, or better yet, ruthless persons are not worth living here, ang kakapal ng mukha ang yayabang, so braggart to say something sa mga taong nakakatulong ng malaki sa kapwa! Why not share what they have instead of talaktak, why not reach out to the needy!! Lagi sinasabi, that OFW’s are the modern heroes, tama ba? or not all? Hindi lahat di ba? They cannot even show respect to our countrymen, why to called hero then (yung iba lang) ????.. Dont scorn your fellow Filipino, don’t disdain the capability of our country…

I just opine…

Till then..