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Night is Over

Thanks God, I am able to prove to someone that I can report for work at 9 am, though he said that he doubts me if i can do it, please, give me a chance to prove, don’t underestimate me. I am not a sensitive person, i have a long patience,  but it doesn’t exist now, forced by someone. I do not want this to happen, but i cannot shun it. It may change though, as time wanes, but not now.

Have to make the reconciliation assigned to me. I started it last night, i went home early this morning at 5 am (October 09, 2009) went to bed at 5:30 and got up at 7:30. I had two hours sleep, recovered enough energy and I have the zest to work the entire day. So good luck to me, I am used to it, working almost 24 hours a day, thanks Advantek for making me adept here.. 😛

I am energized! 😉