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Everything Happens When You Least or Don’t Expect It..

We arrived from the church at 12 noon, my mother and I went together to attend a mass and went to palengke afterwards. We were organizing what we bought when suddenly, five of our neighbors and relatives – Nanay Conching, Tiyo Ramon, Tiyo Unyot and some others were hastily running leading their way inside the place – to the sintorisan, as we were alarmed why they were running, my mother followed them. I heard my Nanay Conching cryingly said that our Tyo Poling was found lying and dead in the sintorisan.

After few minutes I also decided to see what’s really happened, and then when I got to the house of Tyo Poling, I found him lying in their wooden bed or “papag”, already lifted from the place where he was found dead. His wife wasn’t there yet, his children, perhaps, seven or eight, only one was there. Then after few minutes, there came one daughter and his wife, i can’t help myself but to cry with them, as the wife loudly said “Poling, bakit, bakit, sumasama ako sayo kanina, hindi mo ako pinasama sabi mo madali ka lang babalik ka agad, Poling, gumising ka!!!”  Who wouldn’t cry in this kind of situation? Who wouldn’t cry when you see you love one lying in bed with no breath? Everyone around them was shedding tears, this death was unexpected, no one really had realized that this strong ang stout man will loss his life in just a wink of an eye.

I can’t take anymore seeing that situation, i decided to go home when Tiyo Poling’s siblings started to arrive.

We don’t want this to happen to us, it’s very hard and painful to accept, so what we need to do is make the most out of it, make most of our time memorable with our love ones, spend more times with them, be able to always communicate and story-tell them whatever happens to us in our daily lives, we don’t want to be late, we don’t want this unexpected situation happen to us, never! Adore each and every second that we are with our family. Tell them how much we really love them or if we are bashful to say so, express to them that they are that important to us.

I cried….

Till then,