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Smart Broadband Kit for Only 1 and 1/2 Hours

Yes, smart broadband kit is now on sale, from P1,995 down to P995, big savings right? The promo runs and started last September and will end on October 31, 2009. So grab it now! But wait, besides P995 investment, you also have to invest one and one half hour of your time to wait, long wait for a piece of smart broadband kit. Pretty long. This is not an advertisement in favor of smart, just want to share my not so good experience grabbing the kit. Well anyway, i am not blaming the smart service center located in Mall of Asia for keeping me waiting that long, oh, i should rephrase it, “for keeping US wait for so long” grrrrrrrrr…. They just had enumerable clients to attend to, so heed them!

The number i got was 4166, when I arrived there, the number was in 4157, so eight persons first before my number was called, keeping my eyes on the screen overhead, waiting for my turn to flash on the screen, grrrrrrrrr, and so tagal grabe. I was very happy, after one hour and 15 minutes 4165 was finished, and grrrrrrrrr, very ironic, i was next, and yet the fronliner number 8 took her break! Kumusta naman yun???? 🙁 who would not frown here……… Ah ah, really tested my patience huh! Buti na lang, fronliner girl no. 7 had already finished her client whom she had assisted for long, i was called 8:45, oww I forgot, i arrived there 7:13..

So, invest P995 (with P100 free load but the ad shows P200 is the free – as per frontliner’s explanation, this needs a 24 hours airtime activation to get the free 200) and one and one half hours to have the smart broadband kit. Hope it’s worth the wait, hope i will not be disappointed, hope my connection will satiate me, pag hindi  —-  wala akong magagawa neh… I have a globe tattoo, but i am not satiated with it, bought it for P1,895 with P100 free load. waaaaaaaaaaaa, i cannot return ’em anyways, so endure… 🙂 Be patient… 😛

Till then…