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Yey, My Blog Got Accepted and Approved!!! :-P

Yesterday, October 13, 2009, I submitted my blog to various sponsorship sites hoping that it may be approved. I have 12 hours to wait for their email – positive response, I was hoping that I will receive “Thank you for your submission, you blog has been approved, you may now enjoy taking opportunities to review and get paid” Wow, how I wish all the sponsored sites will respond to me like that. I had visited, smorty, bloggersreview, reviewme, bloggingads, loudlaunch and blogadvertsingstore, all these do advertise on blogs. Can you surmise who amongst them have approved me? First thing I did this morning was peeping my email, checking if somebody from those I’ve mentioned above has replied. Yes they did, and two of them were negative that made me sad, others haven’t yet and then my mood became such a nice one and made me tumble thrice because fortunately, I was approved by BLOGADVERTISINGSTORE and i will get paid to blog, I uttered “YES!!!”, haaaaaaayyyy, still, my blog isn’t that bad, I got the approval of one of the best!

Review us

I got inspired with this very enjoyable and interesting idea by my friend. Actually I started blogging in Friendster, then my friend advised that I can earn through blogging. I had no idea at first that some does it for earnings. My mind was just focused on saying what was on my heart and what I felt during those times. And then, I started free blogging at with, but after five months, became inactive because wordpress doesn’t allow advertisement and sponsorship. During that time, I submitted to payperpost and Dneero, that’s why they made my account inactive after several times of warning to please take off those sponsorship. This is the reason why I made the decision to have my own domain, It is not facile as others may think, it is not just about writing, it took me several months until I increased my viewers and readers. One of my posts about Francis Magalona helped me increased my viewers, it was the time he died and I already made a post about his disease when he was still alive, then when he died, many internet enthusiasts surfed for Francis M. Thanks Francis M for helping me out!

As I enjoyed writing here, I did not stop searching for many available opportunities, I even advised my friends to try this, very minute investment is needed, a little of your time and ideas right? I already starting to earn folks, I did it by registering my blog to many sponsored sites in order for me to get paid. Some are advertisement by links and banners – paid by click on those links and banners and advertisement by posts or reviews. Now I really enjoyed this, not only I am conveying my feelings, I also earn through this hobby of mine.

I hope my pagerank increases and I hope I will get many viewers and readers. I hope I will have numerous visitors, love it!

Hello, you reading this, if you haven’t started blogging yet, please do it now. I tell you, at first it will be hard, but as you go along, it will be very easy and enjoyable! Take it from me 😛

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till then,