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Ang Mahiwagang Salitang “Sakripisyo”

Did you watch last night’s late episode of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)?.. Buti na lang one of my roomamtes has this ability to kid the Opto she’s been with in the hospital she works on, and he lent her the portable TV which he wasn’t using. Kaya ngayon, we are updated! We now know that there is a tropical depression visiting again on Saturday or Sunday, we somehow see episodes of Lovers in Paris with KC and Papa P! and mostly, we are being regaled by the humurous and funny natural acting (as if) of PBB housemates! Lalo na with Melissa, i really like her, ang galing! Everytime each of us arrives in the office, topic would be what had happened last night on PBB.

I was inspired to write on today as I was touched by the way Patrick sacrificed for the sake of the team’s budget. I even shed tears. I really admire people who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. Imagine standing straight for twelve hours??? Kumusta naman yun?? 🙂 but he did it! Kaya ko din yun ah! Je je je je… I salute you Pat!!

Sacrificing oneself isn’t hard if you feel it in your heart, it is how our Lord sacrificed for all of us. Hope we are also willing to do the same when someone needs it.

I can sacrifice! 🙂

till then…