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Weary, Busy Sunday…..

Here came Sunday, time to visit His home. So we went to visit Him, I was with inay and  my cousin Janet. Luckily we were not late, we’re able to arrive on time. As I entered the church of Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of the World, i heard someone called Dhina Lieva, i turned my head backward and saw Makiss (Ma. Cristina Macaraig) sitting there, she is my friend who works as a Chief Stewardess in My Coral Island Yacht. The last time we saw her was year 2007 i think, when we had our night swimming in Tierra De Oro. A little time chat, kumustahan lang. Then as the mass started, I saw my friend Yhsang (MarissaMontecer) sitting at the right wing of the church. This day must be a reunion for us – my high school friends, since we do not see each other for quiet some time. Then, when the mass was about to end, I saw from the right wing also just at the very back where Yhsang sitted, I saw Pidong (Alfred Josef). And then after it had finished, as I approached Makiss, Reynolds (Reynaldo Salmorin) approached the two us, we were looking for some other classmates and friends who were there at the church, we found Idol (yikes, I forgot his first name 🙁 del Mundo) Hmmmm, I saw five of my friends this Sunday. And tomorrow, Ana Rhodora Grey, my long unseen friend for more than nine years will be visiting ACS or an exam and interview, she applied in the company where I currently work. I’ll see her tomorrow.

Here are some of the pictures we had..

ang chubby namin ni inay jejeje…

eating fishball with my cousin Janet..


yhsang and me (unfortunately – haven’t taken pictures with Makiss, Reynolds, Pidong and Idol)

The reason why we spent time that long was because our parochial church was celebrating its 38th year anniversary and the Munting Samabayang Kristyano (MSK) 4th General Assemby. My mother is a catechist and she together with the other CCD haf an intermission number “Sarung Banggi” song. So many intermission numbers that made the audience regaled..

The singing CCD of BVMQW


Blessed Virgin Mary Quenn of the World Parish – Lusacan Tiaong, Quezon

There were dancing and singing contest and we were able to watch nine of the contenders. We were not able to watch them all, kadami eh, and ang sakit na kaya ng ulo ko sa init at ambon…

till next tiring weekend!