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Went to Shrine of Jesus Christ after office, hmmm, out by 6pm. I went there attended the mass together with joseph, and it was my first time in that church – so as a tradition, i made a wish since it was my first time. It is located few meters away from One Ecom Mall of Asia. It lasted for more than an hour.

After the mass, we passed through the mall, approached Samsung tiangge – across Bench boutique and FrenchBaker. Samsung phones are on sale from October 17 until November 30, up to 50% off. I scrutinized each dummy phones and really amazed how cheap they are now. Especially the Samsung Corby S3653 phone with very cute  and ergonomic design, touch screen and choice of different back colors like orange, pink, yellow etc. It costs only P7,990, and yay, i was about to buy it, really got encouraged with the look, design and features of corby, i was like mentally computing whether or not buy it….

see the photo, i love this, it’s cheap, but i wont buy, be wise-spender, huhuhu… 🙁


 love it… it’s nice… cute… very feminine… see this video so i can gain a high five from you..