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Just Watched the 4th Spring Summer Week at the Same Time 120th Anniversary of Lee Jeans in MOA

Yey, saw lots of abs of handsome models and beautiful women!!! Yikes, kilig factor itech (nila).

At exactly 7pm tonight, the 120th Anniversary of Lee Jeans and at the same time the 4th Spring/Summer Fashion Show has unveiled, event of which was hosted by Joey Mead. And yay, saw a lot of gwapo and beautiful models. And guess what, Bibi Gandanghari (Rustom Padilla), seemed she or he 🙂 supported her or his 🙂 brother Robin Padilla who also participated in the modeling. Robin ramped as he was one also of the models, and ang kulitttttttt……. As in bad boy lumakad…. ang kulit…. yay, kakatuwa :-P…   By the way, Bibi Gandanghari looked really feminine! Very grandiloquent as in… Envied her long leggedness 🙂 and slim body, the walked worth two thumbs up! She wore long black blouse paired with white skinny jeans accessorized by wide belt, wearing black boots, and long curly hair untied. If you don’t know that she was or he was the Rustom Padilla before, you will not recognize or notice that she or he is a gay.

Robin Padilla was the highlight of that event, models ramped in their spring and summer look, showing their beautiful bodies.

We were not able to finish the show, tiring and as my head started to dizz. I was with Mara Isidro and Joseph Guillermo.

Photos to follow soon..

Till then,