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Technology Generation – a Fashion

Today, I was affected or better to say I was tickled by what we saw inside Mall of Asia, (hmm giggle!) There was an ongoing rehearsal for the slated Fashion Week, participated by enumerable models. And wow, lots of guapo men and winsome women. We saw more than six men and women models. This happened after we had our lunch in KFC, passed by the area where the event is to happen. We stopped for few minutes and witnessed how each of them ramped and modeled, though not officially dressed yet.


The event like this can be searched in web directory especially nowadays in our generation’s technology where full of internet enthusiasts surf the net trying to find important information needed in some cases like school research, marketing strategy and the like. Others just use it for blogging purposes, to make their site searchable and viewable, most likely, many will look into free web directory. Living in today’s technology where finding information can be done in just a click of the mouse, web is very beneficial. You just need to type into the search box the information you want to know and golla!, the web will give it to you in just a wink of an eye, in a snap of a finger and the splash of a wand. For a person or blogger like me, I started using web directory – specifically the free web directory last 2008.


Most of us usually use the GOOGLE to search something we want to know. I myself is fond of using this one. But we wouldn’t want to set aside the help of yahoo, where I created my email account last 2003, adding also the dmoz. It was then that I started to be an internet enthusiast. I find these very beneficial, I just really do not know how the people behind perform the search and select functions.


Aside from this, many people find time to earn while at home, so they try to use business web directory so as to be lucrative in any endeavors they may have.


Invasion of technology is really beneficial to everyone. Imagine in the early generation where computer is not being used yet, people spent and consumed a lot times reading and browsing numerous books, encyclopedias, magazines and many more. All these are shortened by computers. A lot of help for us!


 love the abs.. 😛