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Let Us Participate

There will be an upcoming important event that will tackle specifically of The Share Revolution wherein new marketing strategies in building brand communities will be one of the highlights. This is a seminar or workshop that will call the power of community, dialogue and partnership from the insights and key learnings of six speakers representing well-loved brands who have effectively integrated social marketing strategies into their marketing mix.

In today’s generation, people spent most of their times in front of computers, laptops or whatsoever. Surfing the net, trying to find important information, others do it for marketing strategies. This is why Geiser Maclang organized this event and encourages everyone to participate. The event will discuss things i have mentioned above.

We must guys try to participate in this event – one blogging nation will be discussed, an overview of blogging industry in the Philippines.  This is why the year’s 2009 Philippine Blogging Award is born, to give credit to those good Filipino writers or bloggers. And i want that someday, i will be one of those nominees.


I know many of you are interested to attend in this event, so what are you waiting for, grab this opportunity now, visit the share revolution website for the detailed program and the form to fill out. This is surely a very interesting event, i want to attend 🙂