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Our Talented Kin

Relative to one of my posts this month of October, i just discovered that our clan has this amazing singing talent. Weh jejeje, kaya pala i feel that i also am a singer 🙂 That sunday – during the 4th General Assemby of Munting Sambayanang Kristyano, i discovered that one of my teener cousins sings very well and worth recognition, that’s why i decided to post this about her and wven uploaded her video in you tube, i was just so unprepared that i wasn’t able to capture her the whole song. She was also a contestant during that day, but due to the long program, dance contest was the first – juniors and then followed by seniors and then next was the singing competition. So i was not able to capture the way she sang in the competition.

Anyway, here is an example of her voice – Si Jesus, as she performed with her co-barangay during the doxology. Hope i can capture more of her soon. Ah wait, what’s funny is that, i don’t know the name of my cousin, all i know is that, pinsan ko sya, my lolo and her lola were siblings. 🙂 

 As i said, hope there’ll be more videos to upload… looking forward to it! Goodluck “insan”

till then,