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The long wait for me is over, I almost have given up. However, due to my long patience and perseverance in trying to make everything possible, i finally got approved by two major sponsored sites, my blog finally received the high five of PAYPERPOST and SOCIALSPARK. As my tracking record indicates, i registered my I Just Opine last July 2008, imagine, it took me more than a year to be approved. It really is hard to please them, they’re fastidious, and thankfully i did not give up.

Having been approved by many sponsored sites like (in order of approval) BLOGVERTISE, BLOG4REVIEWS, BLOGADVERTISINGSTORE, PAYPERPOST and SOCIALSPARK (and there are still sites waiting for their approval), now with the help of my netbook, i can earn by blogging, posting reviews and be paid by the mentioned sites. Aside from this, i also got the approval of Google Adsense and Nuffnang. Nuffnang – what’s the good thing about nuffnang is that it always has the bloggers promo wherein all nuffnang members shall create a nice post or article about certain product – and the prizes, Apple Iphone 3G, Lenovo Laptop, OVI Nokia and many more. I haven’t participated in any of these promos yet, but now, i feel it’s time for me to participate, even if i don’t win. Experience perse is what matters. And through experience, i can have everything, lesson and ekeing my knowledge, honing my skills.

I am very happy for what happening, yes, i am not a famous blogger, i am just a newbie, and admittedly, i haven’t earned much impression and readership yet, but, i enjoy writing, much more with blogging. Thank you so much.. Hoping that like those famous bloggers, i will also earn and be lucrative.

With my experience in blogging industry, i am now starting to encourage my friends like Arman Arreglado, Reynaldo Salmorin, Ana Rhodora Grey, Tintin Hernandez, Herbert Cielo, Hilda Brumfield, my officemates and friends of my friends and you. I want to share them how I am earning. So start now!

I am happy,