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Long Holiday, Heavy Traffic

It’s a big day tomorrow for me! 😛 Why? Hmmmm, think think… And i won’t make it hard for you. It’s a big day because I am expecting that my trip going home will be a mess – mess because as i have experienced yesteryears when November 1 is coming and all people from Manila go home to visit their deceased relatives. This means, lots of people are commuting, and since lots are commuting, there is a huge need for more public vehicle, more so with buses.

With my experiencce of going home during this occassion, I always was standing up holding the cold bars of the bus, in a crowded and fully-loaded LUCENA route. Good thing it was airconditioned, but mind you, it was warm thouh, due to the enumerable passengers. I had to endure this kind of trip since I have no own car to use 🙁 I was then coming from provincial areas, Calamba and Batangas, this was the reason why i was always standing – when the bus reaches my area of responsibility, they were already fully loaded.

And this will be my first time to travel wherein I will be coming from the bus terminal itself, LRT/BUENDIA route, I can imagine that tomorrow, there will be a reserved seat for me. Hope there will be no long line waiting. I am planning to have an undertime, be out of the office by three in the afternoon (3pm) so goodluck tomorrow, it will be my big day though!

By the way, i am always looking forward for this first day of the month as this always seems to be our family and friends gathering. We, my high school friends used to meet during this occassion, so be it again.

It’s my big day!