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The Difference Between

I am into BPO now, and had been working for more than six years in manufacturing industry. There are big difference of course when it comes to Accounting work. I felt more pressured and challenged in manufacturing accounting, where there were cases that I was even dreaming about my work during those times. Especially when there were variances in several areas I ws working. I had to communicate everyday of my life to the production peeps, trying and have to had all the information relative to cost accounting. I was very keen to details, but i am not saying that i am not that now, i am still.

Now, i feel more at ease, have time for myself and family, and ooopppsss the good thing with my present work is that, i don’t have Saturday work, unlike when I was in manufacturing. And another good thing currently I am more expose to different nationalities, able to practice my proficiency which I am very greatful with.

So so much something about this… I don’t need to choose which is best or better – i just want to make a difference, and who knows, after seven years or so, this might change right?

till then,