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My Favorite Cologne

I notice that as we grow up, something always changes, clothing, shoes, interest, hobbies and perfumes and colognes. The latter, being one of the important things to consider and make an impression to an individual should be chosen according to your own will 🙂 Scent of the perfume or cologne you are going  to use should be considered.

I remember during my high school times. i preferred to use cologne because it is cheaper than perfume, i was using bench product then. But now, as i wanted sweet scents, and since i can afford to buy VS – victoria secret. I started using it when my cousin from Dubai gave me one last 2006 i think. From then on, when i consumed the violet one – not sure though what was the scent, i bought VS sweet seduction. I even have one bottle remaining, reserved, i bought it from Utah when on sale, 5 pcs for $30 only.

This is a sponsored post, I get compensated writing this post, i write my honest opinion and relate it with my personal experience.

So you what’s your favorite scent. 🙂