I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Quipot Cemetery

It wasn’t an ordinary day for all of us, the whole country commemorates it, expecting crowded place and loud noise around. I am referring to the All Souls Day in the Philippines.


It’s been a tradition for us Filipinos, visiting our loved ones who joined our Lord God in heaven. I know that we shall not only visit them during these days, November 1 or 2, but since it’s what we wont and practice, we hardly prevent ourselves visiting cemetery then.


If I remember it right, I started accompanying my mother and cousins in Quipot cemetery located in Tiaong Quezon province when I was in my fifth grade. We were then spending wee time because they still had things to do back at home. And gradually the time we spent became that long that we even stayed overnight. This happens to be the reunion for all of us where we visited our Nanay Ganda – our grandmother, Tatay Taba, my tiyo and Itchel my cousin, my Lolo Pablo and many others.


This year, we went to the cemetery at three in the afternoon, we just rode in Kuya Rolan’s tricycle together with Ate Ria and her husband Kuya Dimuel and my two brothers Aris and Leo. We arrived in the cemetery by three forty five, travel won’t take that long without traffic, but because lots of people were visiting and going in the cemetery, what more can we expect but traffic and people bumping each other. As we were approaching our place, we saw the rest or families who arrived earlier than us, playing with their cellphones and others were chatting.


We usually bring foods when we go there, like pancit, spaghetti, bread and sinukmani, however, due to lack  of coconut milk (and imagine coconut trees are around us, we live in “bukid”, we were not able to make a sinukmani, and Ate Neneth was not in the mood to cook the spaghetti either. So what I did, and for a change, I brought the two Century Bangus Fillet that I bought from a grocery store nearby the place where I work, curiosity dictated me to buy Century . I can bring it anywhere even in the cemetery! We all enjoyed eating it together with rice, bread and pancit. It was actually our first time to taste the Bangus Fillet of Century but we all liked it. They even were asking for more cans. Though we were not sitting in nice benches but with our own feet only, others were even standing while eating, we still enjoyed eating together in the place where our relatives buried.




See how we managed to sit on our own feet. But we ignored how difficult it was to be there without chairs to sit on, we are in a public cemetery though, my cousin and brother who clean the area did not make a temporary bench 🙁




After eating, I did not throw away the cans yet, I decided to play with them first as I watched my nieces and nephews played with the lit candles. It was when the sky was already dark and the rest of the family members were loquaciously chatting and chuckling.



Before, me and my cousins were the ones playing with the lighted candles, years had elapsed, new generation has born and they are now the ones doing what we did before. Our parents kept on nagging and admonished us to stop, but we did not, and now its our turn, it’s my cousins’ turn to nag with their kids ( i don’t have yet ), they did the same way as our parents nagged us 🙂




We stayed in the cemetery until eight in the evening and decided to go home afterwards. I am looking forward for the coming years to commemorate this tradition of Filipinos and get families reunited. This is also a reunion of friends and classmates, it’s awkward but true.   

And definitely, we are the living proofs that my discovery of the Century Bangus Fillet can be brought anywhere, no hassle, no can opener needed, use your wee hand force and in a matter of seconds, you will easily open it. Real bangus, our national fish tastes good as it is innovatively canned by century.


I enjoyed having it anywhere!