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Healthy Team Environment

Last month, i had this bad attitude towards my superior that resulted me writing my emotions against him. He made his team confused, puzzled with some decision that had to change after days. I know some of you experience and had experienced dealing with this. But vex not, you are not alone.

Creating a healthy team environment is very important for a workforce, and everyone shall take this with high importance otherwise, the whole organization will be affected.

excerpt from John Maxwell article

Encouraging spirit of togetherness is one of the ways to effectively create this. In this concept or way, it is better to work as a group or as a team rather than alone, rather than getting out of oneself from a group. Create or encourage that teamwork will work best everywhere. No one can reach the goal if individualism arises, work as one.

Paint the big picture, determine your specific goals and how it works for the team and putting the heart in everything the team does. It is also like for a person who wants to achieve something and giving his/her best in order to achieve it and succeed.

Learn from the customer. We often hear, customer is always right, we are working for them. Customer does not specifically relates to those who buys goods but those are the persons who receive what we do or the output that we make. And we should all be mindful that the output would be to satisfy them, and better yet, exceed that expectation.

Share you thoughts on how to create your team’s healthy environment 🙂

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