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I Prefer Globe Tattoo

Do you remember that one time i posted about a visibility kit  which took me one and one half hours to have it? Yes one and one half hours and it’s not worth it. I have tried using it and i was very frustated, why, because it was then that i was blogging and then in the middle of my post when i was about to save it, i lost my connection, i didn’t know why, when in fact i still had load or credit to use to.

I prefer to use globe tatoo now, and this is the proof that i am using it – my picture.  As you have noticed, it’s fast, yes, i got connected with full signal of WCDMA, the highest with 3.6Mbps, and take note, i am using it with my 10.2″ ASUS netbook with 1G memory. I got to blog right now, at this very moment, I am using Globe Tattoo.  I purchased it last July of this year when i got home from Utah. I even use it at home in our province in Tiaong Quezon, di ba, who would say that Globe isn’t accessible? Other available signal or transmission rate aside from WCDMA which is the highest is the HSDPA which is next to WCDMA. If you see the blue light in your tattoo broadband, then you got the fastest connection, reason enough why i use it and set aside the one i purchased last September 🙂

Globe tattoo is important to me especially when I am here in my boarding house blogging after work (i am reporting US time or night shift this week for month end closing activity), and logging in facebook. Actually, not only me use this, my brother borrows this to me when he wants to play farmville and ninja in facebook – that’s when i am at home in Tiaong.

There are lots of available skin to choose from, depending on your mood. Colorful and artistic Globe Tattoo New Skins!

If you want more designs aside from the ones i’ve shown above, you are free to visit the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and choose among those new skins and see other great globe tattoo’s features.

And ask the rate? It’s affordable, you can get connected and surf the internet for only twenty pesos in one hour or five pesos for fifteen minutes. There are two options where you can select rates, the per KB based and the minute browsing. Of these two, i enjoy the per minute because i am utilizing the sim card actually provided or included in Globe Tattoo Broadband kit.

Through globe I can now blog anywhere as it is very light, portable and handy, this even has a mini SD slot so you can easily upload anything like photos right from your cellphone. And one secret reason why i use it is because globe is so generous that you can even be connected though you don’t have a peso remaining balance. This is a secret that I want to disclose. 🙂

I am enjoying it,