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Paalam at Salamat Paul Dabell

Yay, para namang namatay ang title ko… I won’t change it, ^_^, i meant there, thank you very much Paul for assisting the five of us when we were in Utah, for driving us to office and back to hotel, for accompanying us to Lagoon Salt Lake, for encouraging or rather, forcing me to ride eight or ten thrilling coasters that has several loops, vertical fall, and the best skycoaster that made me and Karen fly like a kite, or swing in the air like a feather. I’d never forget that experience! I really wanted to experience it again 🙂

And paalamsalamat because you spent a week with us Manila Team, specifically with intercompany to train them. We were not able to tour you to the historic places in Manila, we had no time, you had no weekend remained, but thanks that you joined us eating lunch in Shylin Moa, and that you had your lunch and used your bare hands (we believed it was your firrst time). Thank you, kahit isang kutsarang sinigang sa miso lang ang tinikaman mo, as forced by Karen. Hope you liked your stay here in Manila.

We all wish that you’ll come back and visit us again, hopefully by that time, it will be longer though 🙂