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High School Friends, Where Are We?

Today is November 11, 2009. It is a decade and half a year that we got separated, separated with my batchmates, classmates and friends. After four years of honing our intellectual skills and talents with the help of our great and beloved teachers, we are now taking our different paths, successful in the various endeavors we have. We, particularly the IV Rose section of Lusacan National High School Batch 1998, as the advisory class of Ms. Anariza P. Ayangco (see, kumpletong kumpleto ang name), seldom see each other. My classmates and friends are everywhere, some are lightyears away, others are few steps away. But, where are they now? Where are we now?

And that is our class picture last August 1998, taken during the Linggo ng Wika celebration – this is the serious shot, a wacky shot followed. Picture shows how skinny and dark we were, but, seeing us today, lots have changed, we are all healthy, fair, and matured (except me, jejeje) 🙂

When we were just busy with our first jobs, we still managed to meet every November 1st in Quipot cemetery, incomplete, yet happy.


We spent time until dawn, transferring to one puntod and another, para lang mabisita all our relatives. Even the neighborhood 🙂 smirked at us due to the noise we created, but we didn’t mind them, all we knew was we were happy getting together.

Years after years where some of us got married and build own families, getting together every november 1st abates, what we did is we make sure that we have one date, say every Christmas to get together, a night swimming in DJ Resort will do, just as simple as that! We aren’t complete though! Lucky are we if we reach more than ten. Last year, we had it December 28, 2008 when Ruth got back from Qatar. Hopefully this year something like this happens again. We wish we wish we wish!..

I see three to five friends of mine every Sunday when I attend a mass, I frequently see Yhsang, Reynolds, Thanex, Pidong and Fanny, Makiss (yes, she’s here) and Idol. But, are we talking that much? Are we spending time together right after the mass? Nope, just hi and hello, and a tap on the shoulder, then leave. Perhaps, this is a proof that everyone is busy with their lives. I won’t say we are now disbonded, we just have some important things and persons to deal with. But we are still fortunate that we can find time at least once a year together and have fun. We may not that chatty every week, but we are not forgetting everyone. We still miss everyone.

As Erick jokingly said to me in skype, “Ano bang magkakaibigan yan!, ni hindi man lang magyakapan, dapat baso-baso yan!”, Yaan mo Erick, when you go back from Singapore, ikaw ang taya! Looking forward to that, December is fast approaching and I smell the gathering 🙂

I just opine,