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Colorful Lights Everywhere, Christmas Really is in the Air

MOA...good ah!!

I am elated and regaled everytime i hear Christmas song plays everywhere, while having lunch, riding a bus or jeepney, and while just having a brisk walk, likewise enjoyed watching TV station ID christmas season – specifically that of ABS-CBN “Salamat sa pagtulong nyo, lalalala”.

Aside from the christmas carols, I am delighted as I see sparkling and colorful lights around, it’s hitherto! Christmas trees, colorful flowers, wow! How i wish i have them all in my home! We haven’t decorated our home that much, budget constraints, but now i wanna try something new, something awesome, something beautiful yet inexpensive.

the other side...
the other side...

It’s been more than 25 years that our home remains simple, our bahay-kubo 🙂 You may wanna live there, malamig ang simoy ng hangin, built under a huge mango tree, with tree house at the backyard, used to be the tambayan of my youngest brother. I haven’t finished building it yet, budget constraint again, I badly needed to get first things first.

Wait, asan na ko? Sorry, just got carried away! Everyone looks forward to it – Christmas! Most specially children, kids. New shoes, now clothes, everything they want to don should be new. I remember during my younger years, during the years together with my two brothers, we really wanted new clothes and shoes during christmas, but there were years that my parents could not afford to buy one for each of us, we had to understand it.

Giant Xmas Treen MOA
Giant Xmas Treen MOA


Gifts are ready, everyone is waiting to receive one. A kid would be happy if he receives a peso coin from the ones he really never knows of. This season really is a season of giving and embracing what we have, not only we celebrate Christ’s birth but that is season of love and giving, but we have to make it always though! Love your neighbors always, not only during christmas right? 🙂


All these pictures were taken in Mall of Asia, giant Christmas tree and miniatures of people around the globe depicting different ways of Christmas celebration. Come and see it! You and your kids will love it! I just enjoyed capturing the different side/views of these displays.




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