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MTV Emerge Helps Showcase Filipino Talents

Various groups in our country make ways or look for so many ways to give chances to our unfamous artists. One of these is the currently on-going nomination in MTV Emerge that showcases talents of various unsigned Filipino talents. Winners on MTV emerge will be given an opportunity to win a one-year contract with Jeepney Music and a mentorship under Apl d Ap founder of Jeepney Music and member of BEP. The contract includes artist arrangement and promotion, digital distribution of 3-6 songs and a strategic marketing plan for the signed artists to break into both the Philippines and international markets.

This event is made possible by MTV, Department of Tourism and Jeepney Music collaboration, but not only that this showcases talents of our countrymen but MTV Emerge also helps our talented Filipinos to be discovered thorugh online music community where many of us globally utilize computer and internet.

Jeepney Music, as i have said is created by of the Black Eyed Peas, is not just a record label – it is an entity of change created to give a chance to the country to be known globally.
Jeepney Music provides promotional and collaborative opportunities to work with Grammy award-winning artist and producer An artist’s beats or music might be featured on Jeepney Radio or they might be invited to collaborate on a Jeepney Project.
Jeepney Music as collaborates with DOT, aims to promote Filipino talents. The Department of Tourism (DOT) is the Philippine government agency responsible for encouraging, promoting and developing tourism as a major socio-economic activity, spreading its benefits to sectors of society. Honestly, what i knew about DOT was they’re only promoting stuffs like Philippine scenic spots, i did not know that it now is helping talents of our country. Very nice of them, it is a very good decision again!

Since i am also a music-lover (though not palpable jejeje), I want to support them by voting my fave one! And i voted for Good Morning High Fives – Let it Go, why that? I like their rendition, i like the melody, like it very much, it’s very nice to hear. So guys, i encourage you to please support those unsigned or unfamous talents/singers by voting online, let us help Jeepney Music and DOT in this special and commendable project that will make our country known for having the best talents!    

 Let us support them!