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It’s Monday Again! BTW – Back to Work…

Whoa, Monday again, and i still have weekend hang-over. Find it hard to wake up very early. I used to rise up every 4:00 am as I really wanted to arrive before 9:00 am in the office, did not want to be late. But now, I learned to wake up 5:00 to 5:30, and leave home at 6:00-6:30, so i am expecting to be late, to arrive in office by 10:00 or worse 11:00, that is because of traffic. 🙁 Commuters, employees usually go back to Manila during Mondays, the start of the week though!

And so today, I woke up 5:30, my cellphone kept on alarming ang waking me up at 5:00, but i still did not get up, really want to sleep pa, LOLS :-P, hey dhina! you are in Tiaong Quezon and you will have to travel 3 hours to four going to Manila! waaaaa, and i did not mind it jejeje… All i knew is that, sleep sleep sleep..

My parents were already awake, they usually get up at 3:00 to cook the butse, pilipit and palitaw (kakanin) that my Tiya Linda is selling (sometimes my father peddles for their daily expenses) Yes, that’s what our daily business, aside from me who works here in Manila. They cooked my baon to office, and i chose tocino, longganisa and talong, all fried. Had a cup of coffee, took a bath, prepared myself and then left at 6:30. I have no favorite bus to ride in – ( i have no car to drive, how i wish i have one – but nil so i am always commuting going to Manila), and i had N dela Rosa. So sad, the driver was not that in a hurry driving, i heard somebody at the back complaining how slow our travel was. I did not notice that we finally reached Turbina (Calamba) as i fell asleep, then upon approaching SLEX or South Luzon Expressway, i heard something unusual outside the bus while we were travelling, we were not that far behind Turbina, we were just leaving, imagine how long we are about to travel. Then my quandary was not a mistake, that unusual thing i noticed led us to stop and park. The conductor went down and checked what happened, then we heard them bellowing that the bus’ tire was flat! Oh no…. i will be late and later 🙁 .. It took us five minutes before the driver announced that we need to transfer to another bus. So we waited for another five minutes until another N dela Rosa arrived, and i was standing huhuhu… Luckily, there were these two women at the second row who have good hearts, they let me sit beside them though there was a very little space for me sit on. I accepted it, napakahirap kaya nakatayo noh, for two hours 🙁 Thank you, thank you!! Buti na lang, we still have so many kababayans who have good hearts.

I still managed to sleep even i have this uncomfortable position. Finally, i arrived in Buendia at 9:50… And in the office at 10:05.

Start of a week work again! Another same routine, office, boarding house, office boarding house… That’s how it goes, then go home at Friday night…

Happy working everyone!