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Never Had a BF Since Birth…at 28

Yes, you read it right! I am referring to myself though. I was thinking of this so many times should I post this or not. Actually I already made one in here entitled “SINGLEHOOD”, but i did not mention there that the person I was talking to is ME 🙂

I am not sure though if many of you could relate to my story, but I still want to share anyway.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept this, but then, realizing my real purpose why I remain this, I am glad always. Honestly, I really haven’t experienced being courted, I never been invited on a date, never received any stuffs like flowers, chocolates, cakes or stuff toys from someone of my opposite gender. It made me think sometimes, am I really that ugly? When my mind turns into that thought, I gradually divert it to my purpose in life, purpose with my family, dreams and plans for them, that’s why I AM STILL SINGLE, and admittedly, HAPPY to be ONE! Happy that I am still serving my family with no qualms. This is God’s purpose for me 🙂 and I whole heartily accept it.

Yes, I am happy, yet sometimes, I just feel annoyed and fret everytime my relatives keep on asking me, “O ikaw, kelan ka mag-aasawa”, I wanted to answer them “E kasi, nabuntis ka kaya maaga ka nag-asawa!” , but I did not. I am not the type of person who will utter a shameful word to anyone, I never wanted everyone to feel that way, kahit na minsan ay ginagawa ng iba sa akin. I just kept reticent.

I am not alone being single at this age, the only thing that made me unique is that, I really never had one since birth, like Carol of PBB, but she is still 23 and I am 28. I still have friends who are single and I always jokingly say, “pauunahin ko muna kayong lahat bago ako 🙂 ”

It is also an advantage being single because I can materialize all my plans for my career, myself and most importantly, my family. But I always pray that hopefully at the right time and at the right place  He will give me  “THE ONE” He reserves for me, and that’s worth the long wait :-). 

I’ll keep you posted! 😛