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Lights, Camera – MOA Globe Now In Action

Yesterday, after office work, we went to Jesus Christ Shrine for a Wednesday mass. At the ticked of 6:00 pm of our monitor’s clock, we hastily clocked out of FEPS and left. We passed through parking area at 2nd floor, walked at the back part of Mall of Asia. Then after perhaps 5 minutes of walking, we heard blasting outside. I decided to join others seeing what seems to be the cause of the noise, then we saw the fireworks. Hu hu hu, i wasn’t able to see it mre so, taking pictures, i was in a wrong position to do so, so many things blocked. And when i finally got one that i think would be best to take photo with, to no avail, fireworks was over and i had no pictures taken. Just decided to take Mall of Asia back side instead… waaaaa….. 🙁 so sad. Love the fireworks and lights.

After an hour attending the mass, at approximately 7pm, we went out of the church, and from far behind, we saw the globe- lights on, beautiful, amazing, turning diffirent colors, flowers, flags, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”… My first time to see it that way… This is the reason why there was  fireworks, to unveil the beautiful globe in front of MOA.


In this photo, seemed i was really amazed watching the glaring and colorful lights…

I took video while walking (and sorry for the movement) and photos of the globe, just really love colorful lights, this is the humble me….. 🙂 That’s why I love party! jejeje… but i am not partying anymore for so many years, the last time was 2008 – mid of that year…..

Looking forward to see more lights on, and pyrolympics sa The Fort….. Hopefully i could go over there! 🙂

Merry christmas and till then,