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My Funny Start Up

How I got into this writing…

I was not really an essayist, a school jpurnalist or diarist during my elementary days. It is due perhaps of my limited knowledge or just something that i lack of during those times. I was studying in Cabatang Elementary School, one of the public schools in Tiaong Quezon. I remember the first time Ma’am De Luna chose me to compete in English Essay Contest, i was in grade 5 then. She gave me a topic to expand, and even started it up for me to continue. The title was relative to PINATUBO ERUPTION – as during that time that the Mt. Pinatubo had erupted, causing hundreds of dead individuals. She told me to memorize the lines she had written, served as my basis to have my idea. I did not know why i was not that eager to write anything, i did not even heed nor memorize the lines she gave me. I still went to Tiaong Central School though, I still had another subject to join in, English Quiz Bee, so i need to go. I competed for English Quiz Bee, unfortunately did not make it, and the worse, I did not go through the essay contest, i told my trainor that I did not memorize the lines she gave me. Ma’am De Luna replaced me with Elmer Benitez a year ahead of us, he was in 6th grade. Additionally, the topic was not about Mt. Pinatubo, i was lucky that time, i did not know how to write essay then..

I will never forget that memory, it was perhaps the reason why i learned writing. I started writing anything in my notebooks, just about my feelings. I am not the loquacious one, i tend to be silent and reticent, I express my feelings through writing, find it more easy that way. I even have the copies of my diaries, kept them for years. But due to the invasion of computer technology, my hard copy writing abates, i now utilize online, started writing in friendster, then at and finally here at, added another

That was my funny start, i did not know how to compose english essay 🙂

So what’s yours??