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And he’s here… Right now… in Mall of Asia, thanksgiving and concert, wohooo… kakanta sya???

We escaped for a moment from our work, visited MOA and witnessed Manny Pacquio’s thanksgiving. Quickly walking our way going to the main event. Una we went to the second floor, but super hirap and daming tao, we can’t even see the team. So we went down the ground floor, we hardly saw them either, tumitiad kami just to see them. As we were walking down the ground floor, we heard Kyla singing, (whoew and I forgot the title of the song)  

 And kainis, when i saw good view of Kyla, may dumaang noo, waaaa….kandahirap ako pagtiad just to have a nice shot… and kyla was already finished in her song, so no more time to take picture of her, nakaalis na sya ng stage.. 🙁 

The event was hosted by Arnel Ignacio and “Rosalinda” (i don’t know her real name as I really do not watch her soap, narinig ko lang na sya yun jejeje).


There was a moment that audience where teasing the couple, Manny and Jinky to have a kiss, and they just both smiled (seemed to be a thing to be dubious about :-).

We went there to take photos (and nahirapan ako pagkuha as there were lots of head protruding, I was really super stretching my feet and arms just to reach a good shot…. After some five or so pictures, we left ahead, (eskapo lang kami), and we reached our office, patay-malisya, as if nothng happened, as if we never saw PACMAN..

WOWO PACMAN… We are proud of you, very!!