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Family Day, First Family Picture Together Ever!!

November 22, 2009, our family decided to make an offer in a mass. Need to be complete, so though my youngest brother hadn’t had enough sleep as he was going to mass straight after his work schedule (night shift). This day is also a day before my youngest brother’s birthday.

We don’t have family picture yet, for so long…. And since i already have owned a very cheap digicam, i decided to bring it and take a photo of us, complete.. First family picture ever, i remember before, i used to edit our pictures and collate it for us to have a family picture. I used my cellphone then…

Complete members of our family….

Sina Inay and Tatay


ang pinagmanahan ko, tatay and me

And nakikijoin din si inay sa pagpose 🙂


and the siblings – Aris (mid), Dhina (eldest) and Leo (youngest) And i forgot the “youngesest” three year old kid…. post later….

I thank God for having them in my life. We live siply yet happy and united. Ours is considered as a model one 🙂

till then