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Totally Happy

Yey, four days vacation! Thanksgiving tomorrow and our US counterpart allowed us to take our leave on Friday so we could have a long vacation!!! Home, home and home, just stay at home and spend time with my family…. 🙂

As I was walking my way back to my boarding house yesterday, I really was feeling elated and happy for reasons that I am yet unsure. There was a moment that I smiled while walking alone others might think I am insane. My heart seemed floating in clouds and I am there doing ballet for the unexplainable happiness I felt.

This is perhaps the reason why I undoubtedly bought an expensive hair straighthening slash curler in SM Department Store, I can’t believe I got it, I am not like that before! I got encouraged by the saleslady who at first curled my hair and I liked it, then told me the incentives I amy got should I buy that “girl thing”, she got my YES to it! With this, I don’t need to cut my hair anymore, should make it long so that I can use that “girl thing” for long :-). I had no regret buying this, I am satiated.

I have this intuition that something good will happen in the next few weeks or months, I can feel it in my heart. I really just do not know exactly what it is. What I am sure of is that God is the one giving me this, I owe Him a lot, I am really in debt of Him, that is why I never fail to thank Him and visit Him. Thanks God for all of this, for the nirvana I have these days, for the euphoric feeling I have. So glad I had and have this!

till then,