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My Bro’s B-day Celebration

I granted my brother’s request of having something on his birthday, 23th of November is his birthdate but was celebrated only last Saturday and Sunday – 28th and 29th, two day celebration. It was just a simple celebration, celebration of a typical family who lives in a barangay – spaghetti, sopas and bread were the only food we shared with our neighbors and relatives. My brother and his friends had goto and inihaw na tilapia as pulutan, paired with lambanog.

It should have been a very happy and loud celebration as videoke was there regaling and entertaining my brother’s friends, at first it was! But then, as the night gets deeper, an unexpected slight disorder or a bit misunderstanding of some of my brother’s visitors that led to high-toned voice talking or yelling, the other one broke a bottle of red horse which according to the witness will be used to stab the one that caused the slight disorder. We rescued them right away, my father, my mother, the next brother and me and the rest of the visitors, we did not want that “foreign” person totally ruin the celebration of my brother. Yes, he was not really my brother’s friend, napasabit lang, but he was too unlikely to act like that during that not, he was biggest dismay. Even his brother, who also made scene, it was at about 11:00 pm, grrrr as in, super, both of them ruined my brother’s celebration. The first who made scene was older and the kuya of the next one, pareho silang hindi taga-amin, ni hindi friend of my brother, but they were that rude na hindi marunong makisama sa mga taong hindi pa nila ganun or hindi pa nila kilala. They pissed me and my mother that much, my mother’s voice was shaking as she berated those men! SHAMED!…Para makaganti ang tropa ng kapatid ko (since he was not present when that happened), nung pinauwi na ni inay yung mga kaibigan nya, pinauwi na din nya lastly yung naggulo as escorted by Jeff Pagdonsolan. And then suddenly when that nanggulo left we heard yelling sa kalsada, meaning, gumanti po ang tropa ni Leo, binigyan nila ng aral ang nanggulo, who also became rude to my mother. Avenge was this was led by Bonbon, they did this because naging masama yung treatment nung taoung yun sa inay ko, who in the first place ay itinuturing na anak ang lahat ng mga kaibigan ni Leo, kaya po sila nagalit, due to the pambabastos na ginawa, for being disrespectful sa inay, in fact when this happened, we were already having our sleep, but was awaken dahil nga sa ingay. I am a bit thankful for what they did, and by the way nagdala din ng kutsilyo yung batang yun, means that he really had a bad intention, di ko nabanggit, pinaalis na sya but returned para kumuha ng kutsilyo! Grrrr… Dapat lang na bugbugin sya jejeje…. And was not courageous enough dahil tumakbo sya pabalik and lumihis ng landas iniwasan ang mga posibleng lulumpo sa kanya… 🙂

That is why there were two days celebration, they continued their tomaan the next day, it started at 10 am and finished at 10 pm….

The totality, it was okay, my brother thanked me for granting this to him, we shared in the expenses though..

By the way, as I was exiting my boarding house’s gate this afternoon when I was going to MOA to attend a mass, I was touched because a special child rougly 3 years old or 4 chased me as I was walking, if she could only talk, she would perhaps yell and call me, but what I heard was just a low murmur, no clear words came out from her mouth. I turned my back at them and smiled to the nanny and her. God bless this young child and hope that she could cope up with her disability..


till then,