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A New Found Useful Real-Time Online Collaboration Tool

Just about before starting to work, while I was checking my emails, facebook and blog, I suddenly landed on this unfamiliar site – a real-time online collaboration tool. With the curiousity that resides in me i navigated the page and found out that it is not just a site, not a social media site, more than that!

I am referring to Gloo, I signed up to see what’s instore, and then I found out that this site as I said is a real time online collaboration tool which allows users to create spaces and invite friends or others to view and play with the space, you can also embed your own images and videos, doodle on space, write notes in there and it also allows you to send MMS and SMS for free. Not only that, you can also possibly use this as your scrapbook so divert your manual one to Gloo. It can also be used as a business page, group meetings, place for parents to interact with their children, likewise a best page for the tropa and barkada message board. With the functions I enumerated above, isn’t it interesting to try this one, new and very beneficial!

See mine, I can used it as a chat page, I can also send sms to my friends. As I navigated gloo, it is a useful site where I can write my to do list and add some notes. To make your list of things to do or some notes and interaction with friends and relatives a very fun one, I advise this gloo to be the best to have. You feel vey artistic and creative as you have this.


With my gloo space, I can share with my friends and relatives what’s going on with me and us, specifically the December schedule which I believe would be helpful for all of us in the sense that we all need to attend on some of the events announced in there.

With as many friends you have in your gloo space, all those things or scrap and stuff listed will be viewed by everyone. All will be informed of what everyone does.

You might want to have some additional information about this advantageous real time page, you may Inquire about Gloo anytime.


I will now have an additional page to regularly visit on, I can even access it while at home in Tiaong Quezon using my Globe Broadband. So try Gloo now.

till then,